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BenQ MX511 2700 Lumen XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector by BenQ

BenQ sincerely really feel that the very best way you'll be preparing to replace what you have got at the moment, may be to create an item that is significantly greater. BenQ MX511 2700 Lumen XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector is going to be genuinely the only answer for your request. And also our style team has been took in of an individual's feedback and demands and we're confident that you simply merely will uncover our most current item has been built to correct all of them. Our team manufacturing has a sense that in just about each function that we've included in this newest prototype will bring out the very best to you.

BenQ MX511 2700 Lumen XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector

You might be going to know naturally that is certainly the crucial reason why this particular most current design is promoting as quickly as we are able to manufacture them. Correct now might be the genuinely greatest possibility for you to turn into the particular owner of our BenQ MX511 2700 Lumen XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector although you may uncover nonetheless provided within the industry location.

As plenty of folks had been locating expertise in becoming an owner, they are all extremely pleased, so why invest far more than what you genuinely want. We generally pay interest on item good high quality and also appropriate expense. BenQ MX511 2700 Lumen XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector will probably be component of a life time benefit for you and also the individual you enjoy.

BenQ MX511 2700 Lumen XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector
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The best buy for small-medium space - The MX511 makes the perfect projector choice for your everyday life - in business, education, even at home. MX511 features brightness of 2700 ANSI lumens, contrast ratio of 3000:1, XGA resolution, and DLP Link 3D ready technology.


  • Native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution with support for 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p HD formats
  • Wide variety of inputs, including composite/component, PC RGB, S-Video, and HDMI (v1.3)
  • DLP Link 3D technology enables real 3D entertainment with optional BenQ 3D glasses and compatible content
  • Color Management lets users fine-tune luminance, saturation, and hue of individual tones
  • 2,700 Ansi Lumens brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio for a detailed image, even in high ambient light
  • Long Lamp Life at up to 6000 hours when used in Economy Mode
  • Add 3D glasses, content and video card for an immersive real-life experience
  • BenQ 3D Color Management empowers you with the freedom to fine-tune color intensity to meet your preference
  • With built-in 2W speaker
  • BrilliantColor Technology, delivers true-to-life images with enhanced secondary color brightness

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BenQ MX511 2700 Lumen XGA 3D Ready DLP Projector Specifications

The MX511 makes the perfect projector choice for your everyday life, in the boardroom, the classroom, or a bit of evening entertainment in your own home. With an impressive brightness of 2700 ANSI lumens, a high contrast ratio of 3000:1, and XGA native resolution, the MX511 offers a full-screen, detailed presentation, regardless of the ambient light level.

BenQ MX511
Solid projection for the boardroom, the classroom, or the living room. Click here for a larger image
Long Lamp Life

Keep your maintenance to a minimum. The MX511 offers normal and economic lamp modes, and the latter will give you up to 6000 hours of life, which is double the lamp life expectancy of many projector lamps.

Go 3D with DLP Link

The MX511 is equipped with 3D projection technology, for immersive 3D effects in your own home. It utilizes DLP Link 3D technology. As with many of the 3D TVs on the market, the user wears compatible active shutter 3D glasses. The difference is that DLP Link requires no emitter device to control the glasses--it sends open/close data as video, in between frames. Using the MX511 for 3D will require BenQ's 3D glasses and 3D content (delivered via playback software or compatible DVD/Blu-Ray players).

BenQ MX511 3D
Add BenQ 3D glasses to enjoy real 3D entertainment.
BenQ MX511 Rear
Features an HDMI input, along with a wealth of analog inputs.
XGA Native Resolution

The MX511 features XGA native resolution, e.g., 1024 x 768, which brings you crisp and accurate images for your presentation.

High Contrast Ratio

With a high contrast ratio of 3000:1, you'll get sharp detail and a broader range of subtle color differences, which makes text sharper, cleaner, and easy to read.

2700 ANSI Lumen Brightness

This ensures great viewing for small- or medium-sized rooms, even in locations with ambient light.

Vivid Color

The MX511 features BrilliantColor Technology, which boosts mid-tone colors to increase overall brightness, for a more life-like picture. BenQ's "3D Color Management" lets you adjust six colors (primary/secondary) for permanent installations, to allow for more accurate reproduction.


The MX511 features an HDMI input, for a convenient audio/video connection to most modern digital a/v devices. Composite, component, and other connections are also provided.

Built-in Speaker

The MX511's built-in 2W speaker gives you simple mono audio solution during presentations. A stereo output is also included, for attaching stereo speakers or sending audio to a separate system.

MX511 Select Specifications

Native Resolution:XGA (1024 x 768)
Brightness:2700 ANSI lumens
Lamp:190W, 4500/6000 hours (Normal/Economic mode)
Contrast Ratio:3000:1 (Full on/Full off)
Weight:5.1 lbs (2.3 kg)
Dimensions:10.4 x 3.9 x 8.3 inches (265 x 100 x 210 mm)
Image Size (Diagonal):23" to 300"
Throw Ratio:1.97-2.17 (50"@ 2m)
Zoom Ratio:Manual Zoom, 1.1:1
Lens:F= 2.51 to 2.69, f= 21.95 ~ 24.18 mm
Aspect Ratio:4:3 Native, 16:9 Selectable
Video Compatibility:NTSC, PAL, SECAM
HDTV Compatibility:480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Analog RGB:D-sub 15 pin x 2
HDMI:HDMI(v1.3) x 1
Component Video:D-sub 15 pin x 2 (Shared with Analog RGB connector)
S-Video:Mini Din 4 pin x 1
Composite Video:RCA x 1
Audio:Stereo Mini Jack x 1
Variable Audio Out:Stereo Mini Jack x 1
PC Monitor Out:D-sub 15 pin x 1
Control Terminal
Serial Connector:RS232 (D-sub 9pin) x 1

What's in the Box

MX511 Projector, Quick Start Guide, VGA Cable, Manual CD, Power Cord, Remote Control With Battery

3D Technology Checklist

This product is 3D-related. To help you get a great 3D experience, use our checklist below to ensure that you have everything you need. If you have any questions or want to learn more about 3D, we invite you to visit 3D 101--our center for everything 3D. To get started with 3D, please ensure that you have:

A Display

The first--and most important--item you'll need is a 3D-ready display--whether it be a 3D HDTV, 3D projector, or 3D computer monitor. These displays usually have a higher processing power than older models as they need to display one image for each eye to create a 3D effect.

A Source

While your display is ready for 3D playback, you still need a device to read 3D content (i.e., a movie or a show). This source can be a cable box with a subscription to a 3D channel, a 3D Blu-ray Disc player, or a PlayStation 3.


In order to watch 3D, you will need to get some 3D content. This 3D content will come from the source mentioned above in the form of a 3D program, movie, or game. Please ensure that your 3D movies are in the Blu-ray 3D format, as this new format will provide the best 3D experience.

3D Glasses

All 3D HDTVs on the market require Active Shutter glasses to create the 3D effect. You will need to buy one pair of glasses for each viewer. Also make sure that the Active Shutter glasses you buy are compatible with your display--for example, buy the glasses from the same brand as your 3D HDTV.

HDMI Cable

To connect your source (such as a 3D Blu-ray Disc player) to your display, you'll need a hgh-speed HDMI cable. Cables with this designation--with bandwidth speeds up to 10.2 Gbps (gigabits per second)--will be able to carry the 3D signal without any loss of quality.
If you want to get more information about 3D, shop our 3D products, watch videos, or interact with other customers, visit 3D 101, our customer center about everything 3D.

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