Saturday, May 4, 2013

How you can Burn a PS3 Game (Blu Ray)

Copying PS3 games has turned into a hot subject online, with lots of people wondering how they may make copies &lifier backup copies of the favorite games without the headache of creating bad copies. The only issue is the fact that since PS3 games are blu-ray, this is often quite tricky. But fortunately, this tutorial will highlight how you can copy.

The Thing You Need

To lose a PS3 game, you'll need some software along with other equipment. Here's the thing you need:

a blu-ray burners (expensive!) blank blu-ray dvds your original PS3 gaming disc imgBurn software (from
How You Can Burn The PS3 Games

To lose a PS3 games, you need to obtain imgBurn on your computer. This is actually the software which will help you to copy the blu-ray dvds the PS3 games are burnt on. You receive this from - you need to simply download the program, do the installation after which run it.

When you have installed the imgBurn software, you need to simply then open it up up, place your original PS3 game inside your blu-ray drive after which click "Create image from disc". Then choose where you need to save the look file and let imgBurn do its work. This can save the items in the overall game disc being an "image file" which we'll have the ability to burn later.

Following the software has saved the look of the overall game, after this you have to open imgBurn's primary screen again after which choose the "Write Image File To Disc". This brings up a brand new screen, where one can choose a picture file you need to burn to disc. At this time, you have to place your blank blu ray disc in to the drive after which choose the look file that you simply replicated. You will want to choose a write speed of 4X (for optimum success) after which go to let imgBurn put the overall game data on your blank disc.

After about 40 minutes, the procedure should complete and you will have burnt PS3 to disc!

How You Can Play Your Replicated Games

Although burning the disc may be the easy part, it's having your console to experience them that is difficult. This can be a problem which prevents lots of people from really playing their replicated games on their own console, and it is fixed by carrying out a couple of tweaks for your PC and PS3. These don't void the warranty, but you should know how you can do them correctly.

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